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DRL for 911 models

The DRL systems with 5 LED running lights at each side can be easily retrofitted with the OE aprons. Luminous intensity is automatically adjusted depending on the selected driving light. And the running lights are self-dimming while the indicators are active.

German engineering

The TECHART program is exclusively developed by our designers, engineers, technicians and model builders. Working closely together, the team designs, builds prototypes and tests the parts in the wind tunnel until each item is approved for road-legal use and launched for the worldwide market. Every component is manufactured from select materials to exacting quality norms.

- precise fit
- easy to paint
- stylish appearance
- installation on o.e. mounting points


TECHART Aerodynamic kit and Formula 19" for 996 Carrera 4S

The Highlights

Basic engine 996

Cylinder / Assembly

water cooled six-cylinder engine


3,600 cm³

Power kits up to

253 kW

345 hp


Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h

4.9 s 

Acceleration 0 - 200 km/h

14.5 s

Top speed

181 mph

Power density

70 kW per ltr.





Exhaust system

Typ "Sport"

Brake system

Steelflex brake kit

Wheels & Wheel sets

TECHART Formula wheels 18" - 19"

Chassis / Electronics

Coil-over suspension Vario

Exterior / Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic kit I & II


TECHART interior options

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