For 911 GT2/GT2 RS (997)

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34_front front 34_rear rear door_entry_guard Formula Race for GT2 RS

The TECHART program for the Porsche 911 GT2.

Only genuine TECHART individualization reflects the typical TECHART design philosophy. Such is the extraordinary level of product quality and detail engineering that reflect the core of the TECHART principle:
OE quality in every detail.

This is why all TECHART products are precision designed, manufactured to exacting standards of the highest quality. Aerodynamic components are wind-tunnel tested, race-track proven and manufactured to unsurpassed quality of durable, hard wearing polyurethane RIM.

Upward. At the push of a button. The TECHART Noselift system.

Parking garages, ramps, speed humps and curbs. The TECHART Noselift system makes such common obstacles being a thing of the past. Approx. 60 mm of additional ground clearance at the front spoiler are provided at the push of a button to prevent grounding through hydraulic ride-height control at the front axle.

As all TECHART products, the hydraulic TECHART Noselift system features typical TECHART usability, highest technical reliability as well as trouble-free backfitting.

TECHART Noselift front axle lift system

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The Highlights

Basic engine 911 GT2

Cylinder / Assembly

water cooled six-cylinder twin-turbo engine, 390 kW (530 hp), 680 Nm


3,600 cm³

Power kits up to

500 kW

680 hp

Max. torque

860 Nm at 4.500 rpm


Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h

3.4 s (manual transmission)

Acceleration 0 - 200 km/h

9.9s (manual transmission)

Top speed

339 km/h (with optional transmission ratio adjustment)





Exhaust system

Valve exhaust system

Wheels & Wheel sets

TECHART Formula, Formula II and Formula III wheels 19" - 20"

Exterior / Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic kit I


TECHART interior options

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