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TECHART Powerkit TA 071/T1

TECHART Powerkits

TECHART offers powerful engine enhancement for the Panamera Turbo. Power Kits, based on TECHART's intelligent engine management system TECHTRONIC, provide impressive power gains.



TECHART powerkit for the Panamera Turbo

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T1-Powerkit for Panamera Turbo

TA 071/T1
Panamera Turbo
4.6l/550 hp/770 Nm
Power increase
66 kW/90 hp
Torque increase
130 Nm
Consisting of
0-100 km/h
3.4 s (Series: 3.6 s)
0-160 km/h
7.5 s (Series: 8.1 s)
0-200 km/h
11.5 s (Series: 12.7 s)
Top speed
306 km/h (electronically limited)


The core of the powerkit is the intelligent TECHART TECHTRONIC engine management system. The installation is easy and quick and can be done by every authorized TECHART sales partner. Without touching the standard engine management software.


  • significant increase of performance and driving dynamics
  • activation by pushing the Sport button at the center console
  • quick and easy installation, trouble-free deinstallation at any time
  • intelligent electronic power management
  • highest material quality and fulfillment of OEM specifications
  • does not affect vehicle diagnostics or servicing
  • does not affect electronic engine protection features

TECHART warranty covers engine and gearbox

Like every factory-new TECHART product, the high quality standards
of the TECHART powerkits are backed by a two-year limited warranty. But more than that, TECHART grants an additional warranty on damages at
engine or gearbox according to the TECHART TECHTRONIC Warranty Terms.






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