TECHART steering wheels and paddle shifters

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Pure craftsmanship: genuine TECHART sport steering wheels for your Porsche.

TECHART steering wheels as well as TECHART refined and refurbished Porsche steering wheels are pure individuality composed by select materials, perfect design and outstanding craftsmanship.

Every stage of production requires an extraordinary level of quality and accuracy. This is why all genuine TECHART steering wheels are handmade at the TECHART leathershop in Leonberg/Germany.



A beautiful outside, a hard-wearing core: the design.

Invisible technology: the raw steel structure of the original steering wheel is the basis on which the typically shaped TECHART steering wheel is built. The sheathing of the wheel rim is done in a casting process using proprietary molding tools. Now already, the following individualization steps play an important role, as the molds are specific depending on whether different cover materials will be combined and if paddle shifters will be fitted.

The caoutchouc-like rubber-foam compound which is used has to fulfill specific safety requirements as the material does not only give the shape to the wheel but it is designed to absorb impact energy through defined deforming in the case of a crash.



Hidden quality: the sophisticated layer composition.

Diameter and feel are determinated by the layer compositon. So-called spacer fabrics are used, which also feature important material properties such as pressure discharge, thermoregulation, air permeability and defined elastic behavior.

In this step, the components of the optional heated steering wheel are installed. The function and operation of the heating is identical to the series steering wheel.



At your service. Unlimited freedom of choice.

The rich repertory of the master craftsmen of the TECHART saddlery turns all this into a piece of art made of finest materials. Such as supple leather, precious wood veneers, Alcantara®, carbon fiber, lacquer, or the the textured leather TECHART CarboBLACK®.

If desired, perforated, featuring a customized straight-ahed marker, decorative stitchings and leather pipings. In other words: a perfect composition to match the individual interior design of your Porsche.



Our most importand tools: calmness and care.

All upholstering and sewing is done by hand. The most important tools: a curved needle, quality yarn, calmness and care. The steering wheel is completed by the original airbag unit, which becomes individually refined according to the chosen steering wheel design and which is finally hallmarked by the TECHART emblem.

Good to know: even if you do not choose an individual TECHART steering wheel for your Porsche, TECHART refines and refurbishes your original Porsche steering wheel, too. Feel free to select among the wide variety of colors and materials.

Do not hesitate to contact us. If desired, our master craftsmen themselves will be happy to act as your advisor.



TECHART Paddle Shifters. Motorsport-like gear changes.

Motorsport-like gear changes – the TECHART paddle shifters let you  upgrade your Porsche sport steering wheel or multifunction steering wheel featuring the standard gearshift switches.

The ergonomically-designed paddle shifters enable precise and rapid gear changes at any time, which allows you to concentrate on your racing line and cornering speed. Tiptronic S shifts up by pulling the right paddle, a pull of the left paddle and the Tiptronic S shifts down. Uncompromisingly sporty on track and perfect for everyday driving pleasure on road, motorsport feeling guaranteed.

For a high-quality look and feel and to ensure a pleasant paddle temperature at all times without heating due to insolation, the paddles are made of premium material: high-strength ABS polymer. This combines important mechanical properties like strength, rigidity and toughness. Available in aluminum look, custom color finish or covered in supple Alcantara.

All Porsche sport steering wheels and multifunction steering wheels with gearshift switches are convertible with TECHART paddle shifters, and so are all TECHART type PDK sport steering wheels. And for the individual touch, unlimited combinations of materials and colors are at your choice.



New: upgrade your standard paddles.

TECHART individuality is also available for the standard paddles of any Porsche steering wheel.

Special TECHART paddle trims can add a subtle design highlight to your Porsche steering wheel. Available in leather, Alcantara or in a lacquered finish, they create a perfect match with your interior color or stitching.

Besides, the paddles trims notably make the feel of the surface more comfortable and they reduce the effect of high outside temperatures heating-up the metal surface of the standard paddles.

The TECHART Brand. Premium-Individualization for your Porsche.

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