One World. All shades of individuality.

Every individual has a different perspective on life. Different skills and talents. A different way of living and thinking. A different perception of individuality.

So if you are deciding to add a part of your personality to your Porsche, what would be the right measure for uniqueness? Only your personal taste decides, which character traits you wish to emphasize. TECHART provides an unsurpassed range of options to to really add your unique signature to your Porsche model:

  • aerodynamic bodykits
  • lightweight wheels
  • carbon fiber parts
  • engine enhancements for superior driving dynamics
  • breathtaking exhaust soundscapes
  • steering wheels
  • handcrafted interior refinement
  • service, maintenance and reconditioning



The TECHART Brand. Premium-Individualization for your Porsche.

TECHART Automobildesign GmbH

Röntgenstrasse 47
71229 Leonberg

+49 (0)7152/9339-0
+49 (0)7152/9339-33

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