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Performance & Driving Dynamics

for the 991.1 Carrera, Targa und GTS models

A spectacular soundscape. Whenever you're in the mood.

TECHART performance options raise the heartbeat of 911 owners. Such as the exhaust systems for sporty and unique soundscapes. Our sport exhausts feature dynamic valve control for audible driving pleasure whenever you're in the mood.

The TECHART exhaust system »Racing« presents a unique look and feel. Four central carbon tailpipes give an unmistakable statement. Besides its prominent styling, the four-tailpipes design allows a maximum sound difference between closed an opened exhaust valves.

For 911 Carrera S owners which prefer the combination of sporty engine sound and twin tailpipes (left/right), TECHART offers an alternative to Porsche's sport exhaust system with central tailpipes. The TECHART exhaust system "Sport" too, comes with dynamic valve control.



TECHART Exhaust System »Racing«

The valve-controlled TECHART Exhaust System »Racing« for the 911 Carrera S models features two central v-shape mounted tailpipes. Surrounded by the prominent TECHART Rear Diffusor, this sport exhaust is a highlight for eyes and ears. The soundscape creates a powerful racing experience.

Does not comply with the Germany road traffic regulations (StVZO).

TECHART Sport Silencer »Racing«

The retrofit »Racing« sound upgrade for all Carrera and Targa models with Porsche Sport Exhaust System.

Fitted in conjunction with dual oval tube tailpipes left/right.

Does not comply with the Germany road traffic regulations (StVZO).

TECHART Exhaust System »Sport«

A powerful alternative including EC conformity certificate. is the TECHART Exhaust System »Sport«. The silencer features dynamic exhaust valve adjustment an an electronic control unit and delivers a breathtaking sports driving sound.

Dual oval tube tailpipes indicate the sport-focused individual character even at standstill.

Includes EC conformity certificate for road-legal use.

TECHART chassis options

TECHART spacers ensure an appealing wheel positioning, flush aligned with the wheel arches. Upgrading both, dynamic driving capabilities and sporty styling, TECHART sport springs are highly recommended. The 911's ride height is lowered by up to 30 mm.

Up! By the push of a button.

The TECHART Noselift front axle lift system.

Ramps, speed humps and curbs – the TECHART Noselift system makes such common obstacles a thing of the past. All 911 not equipped with a front axle lift system, this feature can be retrofitted with TECHART's Noselift front axle lift system. This provides additional every day use suitability through additional ground clearance at the push of a button. Ride height adjustment at the front axle: approx. 60 mm (Porsche lift system: approx. 40 mm), automatic lowering at 50 km/h (Porsche: 35 km/h).



  • operation at standstill or while driving
  • automatic lowering at over 50 km/h (31 mph)
  • rapid height adjustment
  • fully integrated operation via button with status indicator
  • particularly silent during operation
  • no reduction of luggage space thanks to the
  • compact design of the hydraulic unit
  • certification included

Our offer: the best performance upgrades for your 911.


Typically TECHART: emotion and peace of mind going together.

In addition to the two-year limited warranty, the europe-wide TECHART PROTECT Warranty for individualized new and per-owned Porsche cars is purpose-made for your Porsche model and provides comprehensive
cover for all possible contingencies. Today’s and tomorrow’s. Outside Europe, TECHART offers an additional TECHART TECHTRONIC Warranty on damages at engine or gearbox.


Learn more about warranties for TECHART individualized new or pre-owned Porsche cars