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GTstreet R Aerodynamics & Exterior Design

Based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S, TECHART created an exclusive sportscar that sets a new benchmark. Again.

Since the presentation of the first 996 Turbo and 996 GT2 based GTstreet generation in 2001, the concept „GTstreet“ is renowned for the consequent symbiosis of suitability for daily use, distinctive design and increased track performance.

The result: a highly individualized street-legal race car, suitable for daily use.

Technologisches Design

The carbon fiber GTstreet R front apron with its active front spoiler lip optimizes the airflow onto the water- and oil coolers with additional air intakes. A central air outlet helps to reduce the aerodynamic lift.

Aerodynamischer Leichtbau

Carbon airframes tastefully surround the integrated front lights. Laterally positioned flaps increase the downforce and reduce the drag coefficient further at the same time. The lightweight carbon front lid, which bears a three dimensional TECHART logotype at its inside, underlines the vigorous appearance of the TECHART GTstreet R with its dynamic shape.

Carbon Kotflügel

The carbon front fenders feature front wheel arch air outlets. Both, the heat generated by the brakes as well as the overpressure produced by the turning wheels are discharged through racy visible carbon slats. The carbon side skirts continue the GTstreet R design line and interlink the extended wheel arches at front and rear aesthetically. For maximum airflow to the intercoolers, the rear side sections of the GTstreet R feature powerful carbon air intakes.

Sound aus Titan und Carbon

The rear apron incorporates distinctive air outlet ducts – typical for the TECHART GTstreet styling. A trim panel made of visible carbon fiber creates visual impact by connecting the three dimensional taillights.

A carbon rear diffusor frames a real GTstreet R highlight: the high performance sport exhaust system. Four central titanium tailpipes, surrounded by carbon fiber tubes, release the exhaust fumes while generating an extraordinary and powerful soundscape.

Performance-Modus: aktiv

On top of the engine lid, the active GTstreet R rear wing catches the eye with its uniquely contoured carbon wing profile, its carbon side panels bearing the GTstreet logotype, and two aerodynamic carbon fiber winglets.

In Performance Mode, the GTstreet R wing is raised automatically and its angle is adjusted by up to 15 degrees. A large aerodynamically shaped carbon air intake unit ensures sufficient air supply for the engine at any time.

Ausgewogene Aerodynamik

The expressive, lightweight GTstreet R carbon fiber body parts spotlight the driving dynamics of every 911 Turbo model.

However, this TECHART bodykit is much more than styling. It was designed to ensure well-balanced aerodynamics as a key feature of the GTstreet R. This design is crucial for breathtaking longitudinal and lateral acceleration and ensures optimum driving stability at all speeds.

TECHART GTstreet R: simply the best of two 911 Turbo worlds - track performance and everyday suitability.


Please feel free to contact us to request your printed copy of the brochure or to get personal assistance to learn more about the GTstreet R or any other TECHART individualization options for your Porsche 911 model.

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