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Aerodynamics & Styling

for the 991.1 Turbo models

The TECHART Aerokit

The Porsche 911 Turbo models make promises to performance, tradition and last but not least to technological leadership. A distinctive design as well as meaningful proportions and innovative aerodynamics express these attributes evidently.

The TECHART Aerodynamic Kit adds another feature which is just as important: your personal character traits an individual styling highlights. And it copes with the characteristic design language of the basic vehicle in a technical, qualitative and stylistic way.


Front Spoiler and Rear Wing

The TECHART Front Spoiler I for the Porsche 911 Turbo models incorporates the active aerodynamics at the basic vehicle’s front apron and thus supports its functional capability.

TECHART Automobildesign controls the set up of the adaptive series spoiler at the vehicle’s front apron in a way that it either fully extends by the press of a button at speeds under 120 km/h, or does so automatically at speeds of over 120 km/h. When the driver reduces speed to 80 km/h the spoiler retracts automatically.

The precise aerodynamic adaption of the vehicle’s front to the stationary TECHART Rear Spoiler II allows a perfect air flow to the complete vehicle and results in improved driving dynamics and stability throughout all driving conditions.

Roof Spoiler and Side Skirts

The TECHART roof spoiler is a styling feature which also plays an effective role in terms of aerodynamic improvement., as it guides the air to the rear wing profile. - And after all, it is simply a darned good-looking sport design feature.

Available for all 911 Coupés, it can be ordered in body color, individual color as well as in visible carbon.

Airflow-optimized TECHART side skirts continue the TECHART body styling from the front to the rear.

The blade-like contoured add-on part provides a more dynamic and individual look.

Rear Diffusor

The TECHART Diffusor highlights the sporty rear. It can be fitted in combination with both TECHART exhaust systems aa well as the Porsche standard and sport exhaust.

Available in custom color and in carbon fiber.

Body parts and trims

TECHART body add-ons, no matter whether they fulfil a technical function or rather act as a styling upgrade, adjust the appearance of your 911 according to your personal taste. In any case, all of these parts integrate with the shape of your 911 in a discreet and subtle way. This is a typical value of the harmonious design line of a genuine TECHART product.

Make it match! TECHART color matching for standard body parts.

The standard body of your Porsche offers quite a number of individualizytion opportunities. TECHART can provide a color concept which incorporates both standard body parts and TECHART add-ons. The result is a harmoniously accentuated vehicle styling. TECHART turns standard black plastic parts into trims in body color of contrasting shades. And a standard side mirror housing can turn into a sporty highlight made of real carbon fiber.

TECHART Carbon fiber parts

Sport, down to the smallest fiber. High-grade TECHART carbon fiber parts highlight the individual orientation with styling elements in spotlessly processed carbon. The lightweight material is shaped and finished in skilled manual work. The results are carbon parts which enable many personalization opportunities such as matt or high-gloss finishes or even color matched carbon highlights.

Manufactured at TECHART's inhouse carbon fiber shop, genuine TECHART carbon parts add sport-oriented traits to both, TECHART body parts such as air intakes or wing profiles, as well as TECHART interior trims and complete seat backpanels. For a perfect match, it is even possible to upgrade OE parts of the 911 models with TECHART carbon fiber such as the Porsche SportDesign mirror.

Our offer: nothing less than the best styling for your 911 Turbo.