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The TECHART Magnum Bodykit

The »Magnum« bodykit.

TECHART Magnum front apron with integrated air intakes for effective cooling air flow to the water cooler and intercoolers as well as for an optimum heat dissipation of the braking system. Front apron includes front grill, auxiliary fog light unit and Airblades with air intakes and gear for TECHART daytime running light system.

TECHART Magnum wheel arch extensions at front and rear

TECHART Magnum side skirt panels

TECHART Magnum Rear apron with diffusor

TECHART Daytime Running Light System including electronic managament unit and cable harness

Additional Aerokit Options

Aero Engine Lid, carbon fiber (Variants: painted in body color, high-gloss or matt finished carbon fiber structure) with integrated air intakes (different design variants of the air intakes can be selected/combined)

Roof Spoiler (Variants: wing profile painted in body color, high-gloss or matt finished carbon fiber structure)

Headlight Trims

Taillight Trims

Rear Spoiler Panel

Side Mirror Trims, carbon fiber

The TECHART Magnum Aerokit is also available for all Porsche Cayenne models with towbar system as well as for all US-versions. For maximum individualization opportunities, parts of the TECHART Magnum Aerokit can be varied and combined according to your preferences. Such as the grills, airblades and other styling parts which can be ordered in custom color or in matt black finish.

The Daytime Running Light System is available in Chrome or Black in order to provide a seamless elegant or sport-focused look. The fog lights are available in Halogen or LED technology to fit the light color or the base vehicle's headlights.

These are just a few examples of the diversity of the new TECHART Magnum Program, providing all options to make your Cayenne model individually yours. Your sales manager at TECHART will be happy to give any assistance.


We're at your service. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

In Detail: The TECHART Magnum Front Apron

1: TECHART Magnum Front Apron, distinctive, powerful design 10: Underfloor structure with integrated service lids left/right
2: Mouting device for PAS radar sensor 11: Lower air intakes (brake system)
3: Mouting cover trim 12: Auxiliary fog light unit with gear for lower air intake
4: Water cooler air duct 13: Braking system air duct
5: Mounting device for headlight cleaning system 14: Intercooler air duct
6: TECHART Daytime Running Light 15: Mounting device for position lamps (US-vehicles)
7: Airblades with air intake and gear for TECHART Daytime Running Light 16: Mounting device for ParkAssist sensors
8: Central air intake grill 17: Wheel arch mount, uses original mouting points
9: Front Splitter, 3-parts  

In Detail: TECHART Magnum Bodykit - Rear and Side

1: TECHART Magnum Rear Apron, distinctive, powerful design 10: Rear Diffusor. Detachable for vehicles with towbar system and equipped with safety locking system (prevents release of electrically deployed towball while diffusor is attached)
2: Rear wheel arch extension 11: Combined rear wheel arch extension and rear door panel
3: Wheel arch extension mount 12: Wheel arch extension mount
4: Design trim air outlet element 13: Rear door trim
5: Wheel arch mount, uses original mouting points 14: Side skirt panel
6: Mounting device for ParkAssist sensors 15: Front door panel
7: Tailpipe design trim 16: Front door trim
8: Tow-hook lid 17: Front wheel arch extension
9: Rear diffusor surround  

Aerokit »Magnum Sport«

The TECHART Magnum Sport is the sport-focused variation of the TECHART Magnum. The special edition comes with an enhanced aerodynamic styling package which includes new carbon fiber parts.

A new dynamically shaped three-part front splitter and additional winglets inside the big air intakes at the front part attract attention at first sight. New carbon-made front wheel arch air outlets radiate a scent of motor sports and so do the two added carbon fiber air outlets at the rear of the Magnum Sport.

A distinctively powerful rear diffuser visibly sets the TECHART Magnum apart from any series Porsche Cayenne model. As in all TECHART Magnum vehicles, the rear diffuser of the TECHART Magnum Sport can be detached to allow the optional towball to be deployed.


Scope of delivery:

  • Splitter (3 parts) carbon
  • Fins airblade (2 parts) carbon,
  • Shaft panel front extension in carbon,
  • door trims in carbon and lettering "Magnum Sport"
  • Diffusor (1 part) in carbon
  • Shaft panel rear apron in carbon
  • Magnum Sport logo.