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TECHART for the Cayenne models

E3 & E3 II series

New: the TECHART Power Upgrade for Cayenne S (E3 II).

Adds 90 horsepower, 120 Nm of torque and goosebumps whenever you're in the mood.

The TECHART performance upgrade TA 09Y/S1 for the 2nd generation Cayenne S models (E3 II) provides an additional 66 kW (90 hp) and increases its total output to 415 kW (564 hp). For vehicles without a gasoline particle filter outside the scope of the Euro 6 emissions standard, the increase in power raises to 74 kW (100 hp).

With the TECHART Powerkit TA 09Y/S1, the maximum torque of the Cayenne S grows by 120 Newton meters to a total of 720 Newton meters.

Genuine TECHART TECHTRONIC engine powerkits offer enhanced driving performance while maintaining peace of mind and full everyday use suitability. Installation can be carried out within a short time by any authorized TECHART sales partner without interfering with the standard engine management.

Driving Performance & Technical Data


TECHART Individuality for the Porsche Cayenne and Cayenne Coupe models.

Your personal Cayenne is waiting for you. Consistently sport-focused. Individually made to your personal preferences. And just as spectacular as you like it.

Outside, the TECHART Aerokit for the Cayenne. A dynamic front view and an aerodynamic front hood, entirely made of carbon fiber. An extremely powerful rear end. A new sports exhaust system featuring titanium/carbon tailpipes. Five TECHART wheel designs in dimensions ranging from 21- to 23-inch, giving you a lot of options for individual refinement.

Inside, the full range of renowned TECHART craftsmanship. Custom made TECHART steering wheels. Interior refinement in every shade you can imagine, no matter whether you prefer to add just a few accents or if you wish to have a fully tailor made interior. Providing a world of colors and materials such as leather, Alcantara, carbon, lacquer or even lambs wool.

TECHART powerkits empower your Sport Mode. For the Cayenne Turbo, a power boost up to 700 horsepower and 900 Newtonmeters is at your choice. And also for the Cayenne and Cayenne E-Hybrid, powerful engine enhancements are available. TECHART sports exhaust systems create an emotional soundscape, whenever you're in the mood.

And how about sanity and reason? Good to know that genuine TECHART is always refinement with peace of mind. If you like, backed by the TECHART TECHTRONIC Warranty and TECHART PROTECT, our warranty for all
individualized new and pre-owned Porsche vehicles.

Up to 662 kW (900 hp). The TECHART Powerkits for the Cayenne Turbo GT.


The TECHART Powerkit 09Y/T1.3

An extra of 44 kW (60 hp).
A max. torque enhanced by another 100 Newtonmeters.
And the entire world of individual TECHART refinement.

Technical Data & Specs


The TECHART Powerkit 09Y/T2.3

A boost of 191 kW (260 hp).
A max. torque pushed by another 250 Newtonmeters.
And limitless freedom to make it truly unique with TECHART Styling and Refinement.

Technical Data & Specs

Enjoy GT-feeling for any Cayenne. Power, Driving Dynamics and Performance.

Did you know: engine power equal to the Turbo GT is already available from TECHART for your Cayenne GTS and Cayenne Turbo. 471 kW (640 hp) for SUV and Coupe models. Or even up to 551 kW (750 hp) for the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid.

Needless to say that TECHART also provides you with everything else you always wanted to upgrade your Cayenne in terms of power, driving dynamics, performance and last but not least individuality.

Sort of Turbo GT – but for the Cayenne model you own.
And in your favorite color.
And already available.
And if you want, even a bit more of everything you like.

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