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Exhaust Systems

Goosebumps at will.

The ability to create goosebumps at will is called “voluntary piloerection”. A phenomenon, which is very rarely documented. To date, science has published only a few single-individual case studies about people with this talent. And still, an explanation of how it works remains to be given.

We wouldn't be TECHART if we didn't have a solution for this. To all admirers of audible driving pleasure: TECHART has always been developing its own sports exhaust systems, providing an impressive soundscape. For nearly every Porsche model, TECHART offers a range of sports exhaust systems and silencers to meet different individual preferences.

For a racier soundscape whenever you’re in the mood, valve-controlled sport exhaust systems dynamically adjust the sound according to the driving style or at the push of a button whenever you like. And for drivers who are searching for an uncompromising motorsport-like appearance, TECHART’s »Racing« exhaust systems are the right choice for an extraordinary audible presence.

TECHART's range of sports exhaust systems is diverse and each exhaust has been specifically designed for the respective Porsche model. A feature all TECHART exhausts have in common is that all of them have been designed to make your emotional individual driving experience complete.

A sign of individuality, even at standstill: TECHART tailpipes. Depending on your Porsche model, they are available in carbon fiber/titanium or in glossy chromed or black stainless steel. Every variant visibly underlines the distinctive character of your Porsche model.

– Enough said. How about an individual soundcheck right now? Please click on the links below and check out some audio examples. Headphones recommended.