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Aerodynamics & Exterior Design

The TECHART Front Spoiler.

The new five-piece TECHART Front Spoiler I includes a splitter element which seems to float freely inside the surrounding spoiler shape. As a result, the front apron cowers close to the road surface.

Design trims on both sides of the spoiler as well as the two-tone paintwork add an elegant and sporty touch. The TECHART Front Spoiler I does also fit 911 models equipped with Porsche’s SportDesign package. The spoiler can be installed without removing the 911’s front apron.

TECHART Airframes.

Two-piece TECHART Airframes highlight the two air intakes at the front of the 911 and enhance its powerful appearance. Here too, the choice of the paintwork offers additional personalization opportunities, including a color-matching of standard body parts such as the active air intake louvers.

A new design feature of the TECHART bodykit: side air outlet trims in front of the wheel arches on both sides of the front fascia.

Defined Side Skirts.

Athletic TECHART Side Skirts transfer the design line to the side view. Instantly visible: this 911 is not a standard one. The multi-piece design divides the side skirts into an inner side skirt profile which integrates seamlessly with the body and a second outer side skirt which creates a distinct contrast. This virtually lowers the vehicle’s balance point. The side skirts end with a characteristic shark-like fin in front of the rear wheel arches.

The multi-part Rear Diffusor.

The lower rear is dominated by the new TECHART Rear Diffusor, which spreads to both sides of the rear apron. Five diffusor fins help to reduce the aerodynamic lift and can be individually color-matched.

TECHART Aerowings.

TECHART Aero Wings in body color are located above the diffusor and add a finishing touch to the 911’s rear. The trims surround the 911’s exhaust tips on both sides and add emphasis to the rear air outlets.

Roof Spoiler and Rear Spoiler I.

The profiled TECHART Roof Spoiler guides the airstream to the TECHART Rear Spoiler. Two different variants are at your choice.

How about a subtle spoiler element at your 911’s rear: the TECHART Rear Spoiler I. The aerodynamic add-on is mounted to the standard rear spoiler. With the TECHART Rear Spoiler I, the automatic adjustment of the active spoiler remains unchanged.

The TECHART Carbon Aero Hood

Maximum freedom of design for Porsche 911 models. The carbon fiber aero hood with two sharply modeled tendons visibly presents the unmistakable TECHART performance character.

Available variants: paintable, visible carbon in glossy or matte finish as well as forged design carbon in glossy or matte finish.

Fits 911 Carrera, Targa and GTS models as well as 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S.

A statement of personality and style: the three dimensional TECHART lettering

The new TECHART lettering for your 911's rear allows you to visibly set your individualized vehicle apart from the series models.

Every character of the three-dimensional letters is made of premium cast acrylic glass. The TECHART lettering is more than an indication that this not a regular Porsche - it is nothing less than a statement of the individual style of its owner.

In addition to the high-tech appearance of the lettering, each character is individually made to crystal-clear perfection. Rigidity, dimensional stability, high resistance against scratches as well as its excellent resistance to weather and sunlight exposure, ensure and enduring high quality and appearance.

For a perfect color match with your vehicle, the TECHART lettering is available shaded in silver or black

Carbon Sport Mirrors and Carbon Exhaust Tips

Enhanced individuality and exceptional styling. TECHART carbon fiber sport mirrors set unique highlights. The mirrors are available in high gloss or matt finish.The function of special equipment such as sensors, cameras and illumination remains unchanged.

Pure sportiness, even at standstill: TECHART carbon exhaust tips, available in high gloss and matt finish. The trims fit the 911 in conjunction with both, the TECHART sports exhaust system as well as the Porsche sports exhaust system.

The TECHART Rear Spoiler II.

The fixed TECHART Rear Spoiler II leaves no doubt: creating additional downforce is its very aim. However, the sophisticated design strikes the eye as the TECHART wing seems to be fixed on just one central upright. This ultra-modern styling is created by the use of glass-like spoiler uprights made of Makrolon®.

The transparent and high-tensile polycarbonate allows the rear wing to rest like a sculpture on the engine cover. This cover has also been redesigned for the new TECHART Rear Spoiler II. It incorporates two air intakes as well as an additional braking light.