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based on 991 series, 2nd generation

Ready when you are.

The new 911 Turbo S based GTstreet RS.

Since the presentation of the first 996 Turbo and 996 GT2 based GTstreet generation in 2001, the concept „GTstreet“ is renowned  for the consequent symbiosis of suitability for daily use, distinctive design and increased track performance.

The result: a highly individualized street-legal race car, suitable for daily use.

Limited to ten vehicles, the new TECHART GTstreet RS is a unique custom-built super sportscar  based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S.  And it is the benchmark in its segment.

Keen on a virtual racing experience in the TECHART GTstreet RS?

Step into the 770 horsepower beast and have fun at Sachsenring circuit.

Watch now: TECHART GTstreet R featured on Netflix. Asphalt Burning.

Action-packed driving scenes, a crazy road trip and a spectacular showdown on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. On the eve of his wedding with Sylvia (Kathrine Thorborg Johansen), the groom and car enthusiast Roy (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) has an affair with Robyn, who is also in love with the bride. After a wild party night, the two vie for Sylvia‘s hand in a deciding race on the Nürburgring.

At the side of Robyn (Alexandra Maria Lara) is the 720 hp TECHART GTstreet R. The Norwegian-German action flick has been released on Netflix on January 2nd, 2021.

»Time Machine.«

TECHART GTstreet RS on-track test in German Magazine Auto Bild Sportscars

Auto Bild Sportscars says:
"Hats off! To outclass an innately perfect 911 Turbo S to such an extent shows that TECHART has pushed the right buttons. All the more so, as the GTstreet RS is truly an allround-talent."

Learn more in Auto Bild Sportscars No. 3 | March 2020

Inherent part of the Auto Bild test: Sachsenring Circuit lap time.

The GTstreet RS features TECHART's powerkit T3.1, which makes it 5.5 seconds faster that the series 911 Turbo S.
A lap time of 1:27,69 makes the GTstreet RS one of the four fastest cars ever tested in Auto Bild's list of over 750 vehicles rushed around the Sachsenring Circuit.


On-track mind.

DJ La Fuente on the road with the TECHART GTstreet RS.

Feel Good Factor.

House Music Artist La Fuente.

Photos by courtesy of DJ La Fuente


House Music Artist La Fuente has got ‘the feel good factor’ written all over him. Unique in style and original in sound.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, La Fuente learned about electronic music at an early age. After dozens of national gigs, he started touring in other countries too. Now, after performing and entertaining for more than 15 years on national and international stages, La Fuente breeds a very passionate following and his gig list stretches almost the whole planet. 

La Fuente has a very unique sound: House music at its best – uplifting, energetic and smile-inducing. His excellent knowledge about the current wave of dance music, his fearless attitude when it comes to experimenting with new records and mixing styles way before his competition does has definitely paid off!

His love and passion for cars started at a young age. Today, La Fuente is proud owner of a number of dream cars. His daily driver: his one of a kind TECHART GrandGT, based on the Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

You've missed something awesome.

In July, the world's greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture was under way. Held in the beautiful parkland surrounding Goodwood House in the South of England, the Festival of Speed is renowned as motorsport's ultimate summer garden party, an intoxicating celebration of the world's most glamorous sport.

Partnering with Michelin, TECHART presented the GTstreet RS at the Michelin Supercar Paddock.

For all of you who missed this year's Festival of Speed. A little flashback.


Please feel free to contact us to request your printed copy of the brochure or to get personal assistance to learn more about the GTstreet RS or any other TECHART individualization options for your Porsche 911 model.

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