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GTstreet RS Performance & Driving Dynamics

Takes your breath away. In 2.5 seconds.

The GTstreet RS Powerkit with newly developed VTG turbochargers ensures a consistent power delivery.

The overall performance of the 911 Turbo S increases from a standard 427 kW (580 hp) by another 140 kW (190 hp) to a total of 567 kW (770 hp). The torque increases to a maximum of 920 Newtonmeters.

Four centrally located titanium tailpipes release the exhaust gases with a powerful sound into the open.

TECHART uses a continuously controlled pneumatic flap adjustment for the control of the exhaust valves of the four-flow GTstreet RS exhaust. This optimizes the exhaust counterpressure depending under different load conditions and simultaneously avoids unwanted audible frequencies.

TECHART GTstreet RS Performance-Powerkit

Powerkit TA 091/T3.1
for 911 Turbo S 3.8 l/580 hp/750 Nm
Power Enhancement +140 kW (+190 hp)
Torque Increase +170 Nm
Total Power Output 567 kW (770 hp)/920 Nm
Features TECHART Performance VTG Turbo Chargers (variable turbine geometry),
TECHART Gearshift Management,
Sport Air Filter,
Performance Exhaust System with continuous valve adjustment,
Titanium Sport Tailpipes
0-100 km/h 2.5 s
0-200 km/h 8.1 s
Top Track Speed >340 km/h
(electronically limited to 340 km/h for public road use)

TECHART GTstreet RS. Ready when you are.


Please feel free to contact us to request your printed copy of the brochure or to get personal assistance to learn more about the GTstreet RS or any other TECHART individualization options for your Porsche 911 model.

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