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GTstreet RS Aerodynamics & Exterior Design

Forged Design Carbon

Expressive lightweight Forged Design Carbon body panels are not just a visual eye-catching element of the GTstreet RS. The bodykit increases the effective downforce and ensures well-balanced aerodynamics as a key feature of the GTstreet RS.

This allows remarkable lateral acceleration and provides a high level of driving stability and safety at all speeds.

Front lid feature: NACA air intakes

The lightweight  and dynamically shaped front lid in Forged Design carbon is uniquely made for each GTstreet RS, bearing the running edition number lacquered in high gloss clear paint.

The front lid features NACA air intakes, shaped to supply additional cooling air to the braking system without affecting the drag coefficient.

Well-balanced aerodynamics

The front apron with carbon front spoiler and active front spoiler lip optimizes the airflow to the water and oil coolers through addi-tional air intakes and a central air outlet.

The integrated headlights are surrounded by striking carbon airframes. Laterally positioned flaps provide additional downforce and help to improve the drag coefficient further.

Ram Air and active Rear Wing

A ram air scoop on the rear lid as well as larger air outlet ducts on the rear apron serve both for better air supply to the engine and more efficient air flow through the intercoolers.

The active rear wing provides more pressure on the rear axle. In performance mode, the rear spoiler deploys and adjusts by 15 degrees. The prominent rear diffuser completes the aerodynamic concept of the GTstreet RS.

Lightweight Gorilla Glass

The rear and the rear side windows are made of high-tensile lightweight glass, which is also known as Corning® Gorilla® Glass used in mobile phones and tablets.

Forged Centerlock Wheels

The forged 20-inch TECHART Formula IV wheels come with a central locking device and are equipped with street-legal sports tires sized 265/35 ZR 20 at the front and 325/30 ZR 20 at the rear.

New aero rings made of Forged Design carbon fiber reduce air turbulence at the wheels and protect the braking system from stone-chipping.

TECHART GTstreet RS. Ready when you are.


Please feel free to contact us to request your printed copy of the brochure or to get personal assistance to learn more about the GTstreet RS or any other TECHART individualization options for your Porsche 911 model.

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